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Personal Favorites

 castcall  "Casting Call" a/c 16" x 20"

 disco "Disco Nights" a/c 16" x 20"

 flowerman "Man with Flowers" a/c 16" x 20"

 jack "Jack Kerouac; a/c 16" x 20"

 lionhearted "Lionhearted" a/canvas 120" x 80 cm"

 momdad  "Mary and Joseph " a/c 16" x 20"

 montana "Montana" a/c 16" x 22"

 darteomug  "Darteo Mugged on the Streets of Rome " a/c 50" x 70 cm "

 read_la "Tulips D'Este" a/c 30" x 40 cm"

Personal Favorites

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My Personal Favorites

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